Ever seen an alien with a flying umbrella? Yes you have. Her name is… Mary Poppins! The classic Mary Poppins was the very first book I ever read, when I was around six years old. A magical world created by Australian-born Pamela L. Travers, based on a cosmic philosophy, it put me on the path I am now on as a UFO-paranormal investigator and writer. Years later Travers told me during a phone conversation that Mary Poppins is not a simple children’s book. It is much more. Reincarnation, travel to and from other planets, paranormal experiences, levitation, magic and most importantly alien abductions are some of the main topics of this book. In fact, the Mary Poppins stories are easy to interpret as thinly-veiled tales of alien contact, written by a dedicated believer in the reality of other dimensions.   I have to make it clear that the book Mary Poppins and the 1964 Disney movie have almost nothing to do with each other. The original Mary Poppins is a mysterious nanny who comes from the sky, flying by using her umbrella. She comes when the wind changes and stays until the wind changes again. Although the first book was written in 1935, the story is timeless. The main characters are the Banks family children Jane, Michael, twins John and Barbara, and little baby Annabel whom Mary Poppins takes care as a nanny. Since the first moment it is very obvious that Mary has extraordinary gifts and paranormal abilities such as flying, communicating with animals, time travel, telepathy and more. She is able to materialize objects such as a portable bed, a comforter, pillows, boots and nightgowns from an empty handbag. She can control time, making it faster or slower. She can enter into pictures and pass to other dimensions together with the children.

In the book she is quite a mystery woman. The author never reveals her real identity, but she gives us plenty of clues to guess about her origin. Also in the book nobody knows if Mary Poppins has a family or not. Her birthplace and her age remain unknown. It seems that she is a dedicated nanny, very different from the others of her day. She travels a lot. Each story is a new adventure where the kids and Mary take extraordinary trips to distant places, under the sea or to another planet. She also introduces us to her friends, who are very unusual personalities such as mythological characters, living Tarot cards persons or cats who live on a distant planet.

In fact the solar system, stars and planets have a very important role in Poppins’ world. One of the stories is a perfect—and perfectly disguised—retelling of a typical alien abduction. Jane and Michael are visited by a star from the night sky which comes into the children’s room from the window. After a short talk the little star invites the kids to a circus in the sky. Jane and Michael follow the visitor and all together they climb to the night sky. When they turn and look back they see the earth the size of a marble from the high distance. They keep climbing until they arrive at a huge circus tent. Inside the circus, all the artists are very well known stars such as Orion, Leo, Castor and Pollux, Saturn and Capricorn. The sun, who is described as Apollo, comes to circus and is highly respected by the others. The night’s special guest is Mary Poppins, whom everybody calls the Morning Star or Venus.

Cosmic symbology is given under the blanket of a fairy tale here. Mary Poppins is Venus, in other words she is theGoddess who is also known in other cultures as Isis, Ishtar, Diana, Artemis and Virgin Mary. She is a celestial mother and protector. In this life or incarnation she uses the identity of a British nanny but she is still the cosmic goddess. She is from out of this world and carries the cosmic truth to the chosen ones. Literally she is a cosmic teacher.

The book offers us plenty of adventures related to night time visitors from the sky. In another adventure Jane and Michael are visited by an invisible night visitor. They cannot see him, but they hear his guiding voice. The mysterious visitor takes them to a special ceremony where all the animals of the city zoo are out of their cages. Bears, lions, penguins, wolves, elephants and birds enjoy the special night talking with the kids. Later they come to the house of the snakes where the real king of the animal world is a very old and wise snake. There they find Mary Poppins as the honorary guest of the Snake King celebrating her birthday. The other interesting point is that Mary Poppins and the Snake King are coming from the same family. Venus ( Mary Poppins ) and Snake King ( Feathered Serpent of Central American cosmology) meet once again. According to Central American legends, the Feathered Serpent God Quetzalcoatl came from Venus and lived on earth as a human being. As we know, Venus is still considered related to a Reptilian / Snakelike ET race which is very popular in modern Ufology.

When the first edition of Mary Poppins was published in 1935 there was no such thing as Ufology. Although numerous UFO sightings were reported, especially in Europe, nobody knew about their origin. Close encounters with extra terrestrial beings and alien abduction concepts weren’t specified yet. But Pamela L. Travers was emphasizing the existence of the visitors from other planets as if she was predicting the modern time alien abductions. Although she became a world-famous author with her Mary Poppins creation, before and after this masterpiece Travers wrote numerous poems, stories and other novels as well. She was an avid researcher of mythology, mysticism, philosophy and religions. And she was a friend-disciple of the famous philosopher George I. Gurdijeff. It is known that they met in Paris in the 1930’s. Travers was very much influenced by Gurdijeff’s studies; she quickly became an expert in Islamic studies and especially in Sufism. As a philosophy and mystic teaching, Sufism is based on humanity’s relationship with the cosmos and the inner search for being one with the creator, God. According to Sufism, the universe itself is a living being including the planets and their inhabitants. Sufism was also Gurdijeff’s path and it took him to my native country, Turkey, in the search of an ancient brotherhood founded by an Extra

George Gurdijeff

Terrestrial race thousands years ago around Mt. Nemrud which is located in eastern part of Turkey.It may seem to be a very long way from Sufism to a magical nanny who creates miracles in 1930’s London. But the essence of the philosophy takes us to the same path: we are not alone in the universe and we are being visited by the Extra Terrestrials since ancient times. They generally don’t reveal their real identity and we know them as fairies, jinns, spirits and maybe guardian angels. For some reason they come with their own cover-up in order not to speak about otherworldy origins.

Mary Poppins stories were not limited to only visitors from other stars. For example, newborn baby Annabel remembers her past life clearly. She doesn’t want to accept that in a short time she’ll forget the past life memories. This is a very well known aspect of reincarnation. Babies and young children are able to remember their past lives but after a while they quickly forget the past life memories.

When the time comes to say farewell, the magical nanny leaves in a very unique way. In one of the stories she rides on a beautiful carousel which slowly takes off and keeps flying until it is seen as a bright, circular, Unidentified Object in the night sky.


As I mentioned before Mary Poppins, or maybe Pamela L. Travers, put me on the path of the search for the unknown. Years passed and my first UFO book was published by the same publisher who brought out the edition of Mary Poppins that I read when I was six. Nice coincidence, isn’t it? One day I had the urge and need to contact Travers and talk to her, thank her for giving me this passion of my life. In 1991 I found her address and sent a letter. It was the biggest surprise when I received her answer in her own handwriting. She was 92 years old, living in London and her health wasn’t good at all. Later we had the nicest phone conversation. I thanked her with all my heart for giving me the enlightenment since my very young age. The dream world where she put me became my reality up to today. She was happy to know that her message had found the right target. She clearly told me that she never liked the Mary Poppins movie and that the book is not a simple children’s book at all. I agreed with her. I said to her, “Thanks for being my cosmic teacher in this life.”

Travers died in 1996. Today Mary Poppins musical is a Broadway hit. I often notice the posters and advertisements all around in the streets. I still haven’t seen the play. But I still keep my first Mary Poppins book and Travers’ handwritten letter as one of my treasures. As I see the posters and hear the name of her immortal creation, I am again reminded of something that I always note in my own writings: that the signs of the UFO reality are indeed everywhere. We just have to look with open minds. FARAH YURDÖZÜ