Confession: I buy things from aliens. In fact, today when I walked away from one of the world’s most famous and recognized stores, I realized that I was carrying with me a corporate acknowledgement of our extraterrestrial origins.

Did you know that when you drink your designer coffee you may be doing the same? That when you pledge allegiance to the flag you are also pledging allegiance to beings from a distant star? Are you aware that all around you, everywhere, you can see the living words of major governments and major businesses as they proclaim to the cosmos: We know. We wait.

As I frequently do in my writings, I trace my assertions back to my native country, Turkey. Spiritualism in Turkey is mostly based on our cosmic traditions and ancient contacts with celestial beings. Just like in many other cultures, in Turkish life it is believed that cosmic and astronomical elements such as stars or planets effect human life, karma, and spiritual path.

Universal wisdom is hidden in the celestial dimensions, maybe in the farthest stars. From time to time the cosmos shares its wisdom with humans, delivering the truth to them through mysterious beings. These visitors used to be called gods or goddesses, and they are accepted as symbols of the stars.

dog star sırıus ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Today, Turkish spiritualists believe that the Earth is under the direct cosmic effects and protection of the star Sirius. According to this view, earth’s cosmic destiny is very much connected to Sirius’ vibrations. Sirius is accepted as a spiritual sun in my native country.

Through history, Central Asian and Anatolian Turkish nations paid attention to Sirius in both astronomical and esoteric ways.

Sirius is also known as the Dog Star, as it is located in the constellation Canis Major.

dog star sırıus ile ilgili görsel sonucu

A binary star, it is the brightest star in the night sky astronomically and the most mysterious one esoterically.

Years ago, the Dogon people of the West African country Mali surprised us with their intense knowledge of Sirius. They knew about the binary system of Sirius A and Sirius B without having any advanced telescopes. Their advanced astronomical knowledge was based on their mythology which was related to them by the extraterrestrial ancestors called Nommos, who supposedly came from the Sirius star system.

dogon sirius ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Dogon People of West Africa


Did our ancient ancestors, or our ancient gods, come from Sirius?

There is much evidence for this, and the evidence has evolved into symbols all around us, just as we as human beings have evolved into symbolic representations of our most important amd mysterious ancestors. A great deal of that symbolism is involved with Sirius. In fact the Egyptian, Sumerian, Turkish and Dogon races were not the only ones who had a connection with Sirius.

egyptian five pointed sirius star ile ilgili görsel sonucu

egyptian sirius star ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Before the Egyptians, another race from another continent gave cosmic messages using symbols of Sirius: the lost continent Mu. According to ancient narratives, Mu was located in the Pacific Ocean. One of the oldest civilizations of the world, Mu vanished when a huge natural disaster struck and the continent sank. Later the survivors of the Mu started the Mayan civilization in Mexico. Augustus Le Plongeon and James Churchward were the first to discover the Mu connection to Mayan civilization. “The Sacred Symbols of Mu,” written by Churchward in 1935, is a perfect guide book for seeing the Sirius symbols in Mu culture. Mu was a colony.

An earth colony of an advanced extraterrestrial race called Nacaal, according to Churchward. Not only the Mayans, but also some North American native tribes like the Navajo were still using Sirius- Mu connected symbolism in their daily life many centuries after Mu’s disappearance. And Mu’s symbolic influence spread throughout the ancient world.

After Mu we see the earliest five pointed star in Egypt. In ancient Egypt, Sirius was related to Isis. It is possible to see the early Sirius symbology as a simple star on Egyptian wall paintings and hieroglyphs. The statue of the goddess Isis at Isis-Hathor Temple in Denderah was positioned to the rising Sirius. The New Year began when Sirius’ light struck the jewel on the forehead of Isis.

Related image
Depictions of Sirius in Sumerian Culture


Take a look at the Zecharia Sitchin and Robert Temple books; you’ll find amazing similarities between Egyptian and Sumerian descriptions of Sirius. Both civilizations believed in a dog headed god who also symbolized Sirius, the Dog Star. In Egypt he was called Anubis. In Sumer they called him Anu. Anu was the Sumerian Sky God and his race was known as Annunaki, the ones who came from the sky. Anubis and Anu were represented as a jackal or a dog. In this rich and direct symbology, ancient cultures were proudly displaying the knowledge of their extraterrestrial origins.

We also see the same dog star symbolism in Göbeklitepe structures located in the Harran region of Turkey.

Image result for göbeklitepe tilki
Göbeklitepe Canine Symbolism and Sirius Connection

My ancestors the GökTurks also believed that their ancestors came from the sky. They called Sirius “Iron Stake,” and they believed that the Iron Stake star was the center of the universe. For some Turkish tribes the wolf is still a sacred animal. In fact more than an ordinary animal, the wolf is a spiritual guide and a very respected protector.

That’s why it is still possible to see the wolf emblem on some Turkish flags.

Image result for göktürk flag
GökTürk Flag

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The flag means a great deal to any nation. Every flag is a symbolic language in its own right. The modern Turkish Republic’s flag is a crescent and a five pointed star on a red background. Also in our national anthem are the words, “Our nation’s star will shine forever…” Red symbolizes blood and it is easy to read the symbolic language if we think about a possible blood line with the visitors who came from another solar system… possibly Sirius?

Related image
Republic of Turkey Flag
kurtlu para ile ilgili görsel sonucu
Old Turkish Lira with Five Pointed Star and Wolf
Image result for ottoman flag with stars
Ottoman Empire Military Flags
Related image
Byzantian Coin – Crescent and Five Pointed Star

Many other world countries have one or more stars on their flags; The United States of America, European Union, Israel, Algeria, Australia, China, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Panama, Syria, Senegal, Somalia are only some of them.

Image result for flags with stars

Some of these countries have huge differences in their political approach and they may not be sharing the same world view for many years because of the conflicts and wars. But they share the same symbol on their flags. And remember, for many years a red star was the symbol of communism, first in the Soviet Union and in today’s China.

Image result for chinese red star flag
Image result for soviet red star flag

One of the most widely known icons of marxist counterculture is the picture of Che Guevara sporting a star. Yet the same five pointed star is seen on theAmerican flag and Great Seal of the government.

Why do these two diametrically opposed ideologies tout the samesymbol?


Let’s keep searching. The five pointed star or pentagram is also a magical symbol in pagan and satanic practices.

Image result for PAGAN five pointed star

Image result for brand logos with five pointed stars

The pagan star is at the same time the perfect symmetry of man, just like the famous Leonardo da Vinci drawing. A Satanic star is positioned another way as an interpretation of satanic horns. A ritual star can be used as a good luck amulet that you can carry on your neck. Or if you are practicing a ritual you locate yourself in the center of the star for protection.

Image result for michelangelo human five pointed star


In the Tarot deck, “The Star” is a very important card. It represents the high ideals of the human and a bright succesfull future . Again in Tarot deck the group of pentacles (pentagrams ) represents the earth element, and it is related to money, material investiments and financial security. You may not be very familiar to esoterism or Tarot cards, but star symbol is always very close to you.

Image result for stars in tarot cards

Image result for stars in tarot cards


Symbolism was the basic and most practical language to spread knowledge in ancient times. In today’s world we still use symbolism in every moment of our daily life. But somewhere in the human timeline, the use of symbols to convey loyalty to the star gods has been hijacked by more earthly self-interests. The most noticeable way is with logos. They’re everywhere. Every corporation, world goverment and political party… even our own little home businesses have logos. You recognize them almost before you can clearly see them.

With symbols, a picture really is worth a thousand words. And thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. The most important and pervasive use of these symbolic logos in modern culture? To influence your political loyalty, and to influence you to spend money.


In fact one of these places sends its huge red star to all the corners of the earth, and it’s headquartered in Herald Square in New York City: Macy’s. Macy’s star is the living symbol of a capitalist mentality where you can buy anything luxurious and expensive as long as you can afford it. What would Che say? How come the same star exists everywhere, but only a color change makes a difference?

How did the star, the ancient symbol of our universal heritage, become corrupted to a symbol of avarice and greed?

Image result for macy's logo

Image result for che guevara red star


We spend our daily life under the shower of commercial brands and logos. Let’s remember what famous brands have stars; Texaco, Converse, Mercedes-Benz, Starbucks, Cirrus, Subaru, Macy’s, WalMart, Chrysler, Jeep, Toys-R-Us, MCI, Heineken and more. Most of these brand names have a powerful effect in our daily life. They represent the social stature and you are accepted by society as long as you can afford to carry a brand name, or a brand star. That’s how you can be a star in your own social circle.

Get your coffee from Starbucks! Wear Converse! Don’t miss Macy’s spring sale! Drive a Mercedes!

The modern world is a consumer society. Our subconscious is being fed by an ancient concept under modern names and notions. And we keep trying to grasp that star, sometimes as a high price label, sometimes as a simple cup of coffee. Our DNA memory written by our cosmic ancestors keeps looking for the Sirius star in today’s habits and life style. Is the star as a symbol of consumerism actually a corruption, or does it speak to something deeper? Does the capitalist society’s adoption of the star speak of the deep human need to aspire to something godly, which in such a society, usually reaches its outgrowth as spending? Or is the corporate and governmental use of the star a form of conspiracy: a way of saying,

We have power and influence. We have means. We haven’t forgotten you. Take us first. Or spare us.

Something or someone doesn’t want us to lose our bonds with the celestial source. You may not be interested in Extra Terrestrial races or astronomy. Maybe you never heard the name of Sirius but you are still being educated by “them” in a very clever indirect way. You are drinking your coffee from a Starbucks cup, while you are carrying a shiny Macy’s bag on your arm. You are living under a flag which is covered with stars. It means you are surrounded by the truth.

Where we see the Sirius star reflects the most vital and important sides of our life; flags equals national identity, belief systems equals our spiritual identity and consuming products equals our social identity.

It seems as if these three facts of life are controlled and guided by some higher power, maybe our Annunaki ancestors? And as if Annunaki is not a remote DNA memory at all, but they are still active in feeding our needs, sending signs in a symbolic language.

When we still talk about the UFO coverup by governments, we forget about another important detail: the commercial and financial aspects and effects of ET presence on the earth. They don’t want you to know, but they give you everything for you to know, if you can see, of course… That’s why I keep saying if you want to see ET’s, just look around. You’ll see lots of signs.

Maybe, in these troubled times, their message is in fact a simple one: that all of us are one race under the same star.

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