Exopolitics is a fairly new concept in United States which started after 2000s. The goal is to create a bridge between Extra Terrestrial presence and political world. In my opinion our world really needs a Galactic Diplomacy today and in the future. I believe in the importance and necessity of Exopolitics because I am coming from a country which was founded by the first Exopolitician leader of the world; Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 1881-1938

Turkey is the country of the firsts and uniques in many aspects with a 5000 years of known history. And I am proud of being born in a country where the Democratic Turkish Republic was founded in 1923 by the first Exopolitician leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Turkish nation was always aware of an Extra Terrestrial existence in the universe due to early close encounters and ET visitations thousands years ago.  But this awareness became official thanks to Atatürk. He was a very successful military army commander, a world famous politician,  a revolucionist, a writer and a historian.  He was extremely interested in ancient civilizations. Of one his goals was to discover the real origin of Turkish nations. Our oral and written tradition talks about the “Sky People”  (GokTurks) who came from another star system to start the Turkish race on the earth.  But Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was looking for something more than a creation mithology to uncover our nation’s real history.

One of his interest area was ancient civilizations and the lost continent MU which was located in Pasific Ocean 12.000 years ago. According to ancient texts MU was founded by a very advanced race called Nacaal. Nacaal brought a high civilization to MU both in spiritually and scientifically. But the continent was destroyed by natural disasters and sunk into the ocean. Today it is believed that some Pacific islands such as Hawaii, Fiji, Easter and Tonga are the rests of MU. MU civilization was quite different than ATLANTIS. MU people was very peaceful while ATLANTIS used their advanced technology in the negative and destructive ways. Is it a coincidence that peaceful, pacific MU continent was located in Pacific ocean? Maybe not…

Augustus Le Plongeon in 19th century and James Churchward in 1930s became the first discoverers who did detailed research about MU. James Churchward translated the ancient Nacaal writings which was found in Mexico.  Later wrote three books based on his research: “The Children of MU”, “The Lost Continent MU” and “The Sacred Symbols of MU”, between 1931 and 1935.  According to his books Nacaal race who established MU civilization  was from Extra Terrestrial origin. Many ancient civilizations like Mayan, Hopi, Aztec, Uygur Turks were founded by the survivors of MU.

Augustus Le Plongeon
James Churchward

Atatürk heard about Churchward’s research and was very much impressed by his books. He got them translated into Turkish by the Turkish National History and Language Foundation. Some of the original translation texts with Ataturk’s hand writing notes on them are still preserved in Government’s National Arhceheives. In 1935 after working on the books Atatürk sent historians and language experts to Mexico to conduct a detailed research on Mayan culture based on MU writings. Intense research showed a surprising finding; ancient Mayan and Turkish languages had a remarkable similarity. Original Turkish and Mayan words were coming from the same source; MU. Not only the language, religious belief, rituals, symbolism, social and spiritual life, art, music had lots of common in both Turkish and Mayan cultures. The universal language of symbolism  in Turkish, North and South American tribes was based on cosmic belief. Just like today they were using star and moon symbols everywhere.

Also, before Islam was accepted as the official religion ancient Turks used to be a Shamanic nation just like Native Indians of North, Central and South America.

In fact still today in many parts of Central Asia Shamanic Turks exist. They have a remarkable physical and social resemblance with Native Indian races. In today’s modern world Shamanic Turks keep their ancient belief alive.

It was already known that the Central Asia was Turkish nation’s home land. But Atatürk wanted to know the ancient Turks’ origin. The answer was in Churchward’s books…

Atatürk was convinced that the mainland of Turkish and native Indian races was originally MU. He came to the conclution that both nations inmigrated to Central Asia after the cathostrophic end of MU.

Thousands of pages translations, years of research and dedication brought an interesting theory; after the continent MU was sunk one group of the survivors came to Central Asia and the Turkish nation started. The other group came to North and Central America and founded the Mayan civilization. But both races kept their motherland MU’s traditions, language, philosophy and mysteries.

Atatürk’s own handwriting notes on the first translations of James Churcward books.

Atatürk became the first world leader who was able to see the Extra Terrestrial origin of his own Turkish nation. He was obviously much more ahead of his time with his unique view and philosophy. He established the the young Turkish Republic based on a democracy and he was doing this he was very much inspired by the governmental system of MU which was a perfect democracy 12.000 years ago.

Atatürk’s notes on the similarity of Turkish languages and Nacaal writings.

Atatürk  was the first president who looked for the roots of a nation in the mysteries of history. His theory was based on the commun origin of Turks and Native Indian tribes now is considered as a historical fact. With his pioneer vision and investigations he is the first Exopolitician of Turkey.

Atatürk was not only a world leader and very successfull politician. Historical reports show that he also had a very developed psychic gift. His very accurate predictions on the future gave very definite results in his military and political decisions. After the 800 years old Ottoman Empired collapsed Ataturk created a completely new, young, modern Turkish Republic with revolutions on every level of the daily life.


After Atatürk’s death in 1938 MU files were not opened again. Some of his MU related personal notes and reports were lost. His unexpected and sudden death created a deep sorrow over the county. According to official doctor reports a liver failure caused his death although he didn’t show any symptoms of a severe liver problem. Between 1937 and until his death in November 1938 he started to develop different conditions which weakened his nervous system. Turkish and European doctors tried different medical treatments. But each new medicine was given to him made his situation worse. Salyrgan and Purinol were some of the medicines he was given. Salyrgan caused a completely reverse reaction over his body. And after this unsuccesful try Atatürk himself noticed that something was terribly going wrong. In a letter to his adopted daughter Afet Inan he was saying that government brings doctors without getting his authorization. And the use of different medicines were causing a personality change with him.

After his death 81 years passed. And recently a shocking rumor caused lots of speculation between his followers; it is suspected that Atatürk was slowly poisioned and killed by his enemies. He was very much loved and respected by Turkish people. But he had his oppositions and enemies as well. His medical reports clearly shows the symptoms of a long term poisoning. After his death nor an autophsy or biopsy were performed.

The symptoms of poisoning started just before he was getting ready to reveal his MU theories. Obviously some dark forces didn’t want him to disclose one of the biggest secrets of the world. MU and Turkish nation’s Extra Terrestrial origin was not the only reason that his enemies tried to eliminate him. But it was one of the reasons.

When he passed away a big part of his personal files including the MU notes was dissapeared. Years later after 1990’s some of them were hardly found in the archieves.


Atatürk’s vision was not limited only with our roots in MU continent. He also knew very well our nation’s folkloric beliefs such as the Wolf symblosim. The wolf was a very important animal and a mystical symbol for ancient Turks. They believed that they were created by the wolves. Wolf is still accepted as a noble, protective animal and a spiritual guide today in Turkish world. Many other creation stories start with the visit of a wolf.

The ancient GokTurk flag shows the wolf connection. Eyptian God Anubis was related to Sirius star. Turkish people also believe that they are under the cosmic effects of Sirius or Dog Star.

Turkish Lira bill with wolf, sirius and crescent symbols from the early years of Turkish republic.

Interestingly,  in the present day some alien abductions start with the appearance of a wolf.  The abductee may see a wolf at the beginning or at the end of the abduction case. Thousands years ago historical Turkish tribe leaders had similar experiences and a new nation was born.

Atatürk wanted to have a wolf and a Sirius star picture on one of the early money bills of Turkish Republic. This was a very clear and direct message about our origin. In the same period on  a national post stamp there was the same wolf symbol.

The  modern Turkish Republic’s flag is a crescent and a five pointed star on a red background. Also in our national anthem are the words, “Our nation’s  star will shine forever…”.  Red symbolizes blood and it is easy to read the symbolic language if we think about a possible blood line with the visitors who came from another solar system…  possibly Sirius? Atatürk’s nick name was “Blond Wolfe”.

In today’s modern Turkey UFO visitations and paranormal cases are accepted with a open minded mentality. We definitely not afraid of talking about UFO sightings as there are no social prejudices. Children who have psychic powers or a extra terrestrial contact are encouraged by their parents to talk about it. Books on UFOs or Esoterism are best sellers in Turkey. One shouldn’t be surprised at all. The reason is very clear and simple; Turkish races roots are coming from an Extra Terrestrial origin. We have the knowledge in our spiritual and pshysical DNA.

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