Dr.Tan says: “They buried the proof of the evolution.”

In November 2006, a very unfortunate  and rare case of birth stirled the Turkish media. The story was about a 24-year-old mother from the city of Hatay giving birth to her first baby. The baby died within one hour. There was not enough scientific examination on this strange birth. On the contrary, newspapers and popular television shows gave the case under the name of sensational news headline. The baby’s parents wanted their names kept secret.

Let’s start with the baby’s appearance; Unlike the newborns, his arms and legs were very long.  Normally new born babies have their heads slightly larger than their bodies, the arms and legs are smaller and more introverted since their bone structure is not yet fully developed. The Hatay baby had a body structure that reminds us the skinny long armes and legs of grey aliens.  Not only his arms and legs, but his eyes were very different and quite big.

The mouth and nose were nothing like a human, his head was completely covered with tick hair.  The baby, whose gender was unclear, had not developed some internal organs either.

MD.Üner Tan, who was closely interested in the subject, explained that the baby was born as a result of a genetic disorder. Due to the evolutionary disorder, the baby had more ape-like traits. MD.Üner Tan wanted to take and examine some DNA samples from the baby, but no research could be done as a result of the family’s refusal to allow it.


From what we can see in the pictures, the baby’s body structure is very similar to the aliens that  we call classical “Greys”. In some ways, the baby looked like a half human-half alien hybrid. And as  there was no scientific research, we will never know if the baby was the result of a genetic disorder or a hybrid being born to an alien and earthmother.

From a UFOlogical point of view, Hatay baby  was perhaps the first and only half-alien semi-human hybrid being to be born in Turkey.

Hatay is located in the south eastern part of Turkey.

Hatay and the South Eastern Anatolia region of our country have been a geography where paranormal, supernatural and mystical events have been taking place frequently for centuries. Cosmic visitors pay more attention to certain geographies. There are also many reincarnation cases in this region that have been proven authentic and investigated by experts such as American writer-researcher Ian Stevenson in 1970s. So it was perhaps not a coincidence that the birth took place in Hatay.


Parents of the baby  wanted their names kept secret. They never gave the press any interviews. The place where the baby was buried was also unknown. Given the pain and shock of a young parent, it’s not hard to understand their decision.

On the other hand, as far as we’re concerned, no university hospital, or genetic research unit has been involved. MD. Üner Tan, known for his genetic studies, could not go beyond expressing an opinion because he was not offered any more opportunities. MD. Tan, however, insisted on taking and investigating DNA samples from the baby. But he was rejeted.

Although it wasn’t a very remote past, in those years  social media was not so widely available. Smartphones, live streaming over the Internet, instant communication was not available.  The Hatay baby was a matter of interest to many scientific fields, but no one who did research in the field of UFO and science in Turkey touched on the issue .

In 2006 took incident took place in the press for several days and was immediately forgotten. However, the mother and father should have been contacted. First of all, after their pain, I’m sure they needed psychological support. Beyond that, the mother and father had to undergo a medical genetic examination. Would it be possible to reach the source of the problem by mapping the genetics on both sides? Is it a genetic health problem on one side?


And we come to the real issue that concerns us; Were any UFO sightings reported in the area prior to this birth? Did the mother had any encounter an unusual experience prior to her pregnancy? One of the results of the alien abduction is the hybrid babies who carry both human and Extra Terrestrial genes. Was the young mother used for  such an experiment? Even if one of these theories is true, why was she chosen?

As I mentioned in my seminars and TV shows, I repeat it again; A very important case has not been examined both medically-scientifically-genetically and UFOlogically by the experts and medical teams. The file has been closed, and has been added to the pending stack of questions.