Farah Yurdözü is Turkey’s first female UFO researcher – writer, and author of several best-selling books in her native land. Fluent in Turkish, English and Spanish, she is known on several continents as an authority on UFOs, paranormal and the metaphysical. She is a well known TV personality in Turkey with her constant TV shows about UFOs and paranormal topics on major network channels.

Farah continues her work as a UFO researcher, writer and lecturer, and appears in major UFO conferences all over the United States from Roswell to California, Nevada to New York City .

Farah’s gifts as a psychic medium were featured in TLC’s paranormal investigation TV series DEAD TENANTS. She is a columnist for the leading monthly publication UFO Magazine and a journalist/ producer at Jerry Pippin Internet Radio.  She is also a writer for Italian X-Times Magazine, and British UFO Matrix Magazine. Though her work reflects a passion for all aspects of the paranormal, her main area of study is abductions and close encounters.

Farah Yurdözü has a Spanish Language teaching degree from Istanbul University. She had a Spanish teaching position at ABC Language Exchange, Columbia University and NYU in New York City between 2004-2010.

Farah Yurdözü’s books are:

  • “UFOlar, Yeraltındaki Gizli Dünyalar ve Reptilianlar” (2013) Turkey”
  • “Love in an Alien Purgatory” ( 2009 ) USA
  • “UFO Forbidden Zone /UFO Yasak Bölge ( 2008 ), Turkey ”
  • “Confessions of a Turkish UFOlogist” ( 2007 ) USA
  • “You Are Your Soulmate” ( 2007 ). USA
  • “UFO Truths and Lies / UFO Gerçekleri ve Yalanları” 1999, Turkey.
  • “Life is a Horror Movie/ Yaşam Bir Korku Filmidir” (novel) 1999, Turkey
  • “Metaphysical Love in Madrid/Madrit’te Metafizik Aşk” (novel) 1995, Turkey
  • “UFOs Are Coming / UFOlar Geliyor” 1993 Turkey.

Farah Yurdozu spoke at:

  • Constant ungoing TV shows and lectures in Istanbul and various cities in Turkey. 2016….2019
  • Guest speaker at Exposing the Truth Conference, Warsow Poland, 2016.
  • Reptilians, UFOs and Esoteric connections workshop series in Istanbul 2014-2015-2016
  • 3 Contactees 3 Artists from NYC, BILYAY, Istanbul, October 2013.
  • Stargates and contact with ET visitors, BILYAY, Istanbul, June, 2013.
  • Tek Rumeli TV Network Talk Show, UFOlogy in Turkey and in the world. May, 2013.
  • Spritual aspects of Extra Terrestrial Beings, BILYAY, Istanbul, March 2013.
  • Introduction to UFOlogy Class, BILYAY Research Center, Istanbul, January 2013.
  • Free Your Mind Conference, Philadelphia, April, 2011.
  • Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, October 2010
  • Bordentown NJ UFO Conference, May 2010
  • 5th Exobiology Congress, Ecuador, 2009.
  • Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo, 2009 California
  • MUFON International Symposium, 2008 California
  • International UFO Congress, 2008, Nevada
  • Roswell UFO Congress, 2008, New Mexico
  • Culture of Contac, 2008, New Jersey
  • Atlantic Coast UFO Conference, Atlantic City , 2008
  • Bay Area UFO Expo, 2007, California
  • Roswell UFO Conference, 2007, New Mexico
  • Culture of Contact, 2007, New York City
  • Aztec UFO Conference, 2007, New Mexico
  • NUFOC UFO Conference, 2005, California