In February 2009 I was invited to the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo as a guest speaker. This very special gathering spanned a weekend. After my last lecture I decided to take a bus tour in and around Los Angeles, including Hollywood. When we arrived at the starry boulevard, it was already late afternoon. Maybe because of the unusually chilly wind, maybe because of the pre-Oscar night construction in the heart of Hollywood Boulevard, the whole place seemed to me cold, depressing and deserted. A very small number of freezing tourists were visiting the gift shops. Elvis, Spiderman and even Jesus Christ were wandering around on the wet sidewalk, hoping that maybe one or two visitors would get a picture with them. I was dissappointed to see a completely different Hollywood than I imagined from its legend.

But that evening I was interested in another legend. Maybe more than a legend, let’s say our ancient and real history. I am talking about the Hollywood & Highland Mall next to the Kodak Theatre. This very interesting complex of shops and restaurants is designed just like a Babylonian temple. When you climb the steps to a very large patio, in front of the well known fashion and cosmetic brands you see the Mesopotamian gods welcoming you. Winged sky gods are everywhere around. The very important cosmic symbol Tree Of Life is located between two gods over the huge gate. The Babylonian temple is so authentically designed that it makes you forget that you are surrounded with the latest trendy products of the consumer world. Whoever was behind the idea of bringing a little bit culture to a mall environment did an excellent job. It looks almost real and creates the feeling of being in a sacred place. And just behind this scene, over the mountains you can see the famous “Hollywood” sign which also has occult meanings as we’ll see in this article.

For many insiders, professionals and movie fans, Hollywood is the temple of fame, stardom, money and power. It is the center of the entertainment world. But is bringing a Babylonian temple to the middle of Hollywood Boulevard a part of the show, or is there another message there for us to discover there? Before talking about the secret codes related to Winged Sky Gods, let’s take a look at the inspiration of this set. The inspiration comes from the 1916 D.W.Griffith movie “Intolerance.” This silent era masterpiece consists of four different stories. One of them is set in the Babylonian period and tells of the fall of Babylon as a result of intolerance arising from a conflict between devotees of different Babylonian gods. Today what you see in the Hollywood mall is a perfect replica of the Intolerance movie set. Hollywood pays homage to the movie by converting the mall yard into an open air cinema museum. But we also know that every symbol, image or icon carries a very strong energy related to its source. Whether a religious symbol or a cosmic design, it opens the energy doors to the source. And especially when the symbolism is about the Winged Sky Gods, the “Annunaki” which we have been trying to understand in the field of UFO research, I think Hollywood has to be investigated through its a diferent lens.

The meaning of the word Babylon is “The Gate Of The Gods”, where the Gods entered into our world. Our modern world knows it under the name of Stargate. Ancient Mesopotamian Gods Anu, Enki, Enlil and the others were able to come to our world from that dimension. They were Annunaki, the sons of God Anu. They were depicted with huge wings symbolizing their ability to fly and travel in space. Although classical history and archaeology see them as mythological beings and archetypes which only existed in our ancestors’ imaginations, for modern UFOlogy they mean much more. For a select group of UFO investigators and writers, the Annunaki are the first Extra Terrestrial visitors who landed on our planet. And probably they used a Stargate as a cosmic passage to do that. This of course happened long before Hollywood hijacked the idea of the Stargate with movies and TV.

Entertaining and magical Hollywood has been the focus of generations all over the world. Everybody talks about the Hollywood magic, or the magic of the cinema. Well known scholar and writer Jordan Maxwell brings another explanation to the term of “Hollywood magic.” Maxwell says that Hollywood was build by modern Druids who were the masters of ritual magic. And he adds: “Druids always made their magic wand from the holly wood. Hollywood is named Hollywood because it perpetuates the magic of control over the people.”

Maxwell is correct in that we cannot deny Hollywood productions have a huge effect over people, positively and negatively. In other words, movies have the ability of mind control over millions. A passive mind is one of the very important requirements of mind control. When you sit on a comfortable relaxing chair, in a dark movie theather, you focus only on the big screen and the movie. You don’t think about other things except the movie. In fact, sometimes this is one of the reasons that you want to see a movie: specifically as an escape from thinking about your daily problems or worries. Even when you eat or drink, you do that automatically. Movie theather chairs are getting more and more comfortable lately, just like a therapist’s sofa, for a complete relaxation. All these circumstances help you to relax, clean your mind of other thoughts and open yourself to absorb anything is fed to you by the movie you are watching. Music, colors, images are full of messages, energies, information that you receive and keep in your mind and in your soul. You become a part of the ritual.

So does this mean that Hollywood was build by ritual magicians? When Jordan Maxwell says that the founders of Hollywood were modern time Druids, does he mean that we are still under their spell? In many ways yes, we are. But the mind control techniques using ritual magic are much older than the Druids and go back to the Annunaki. The powerful gods who came from the sky thousands of years ago came with their control system over humans. They never revealed their real identity or cosmic origin. They pretended that they were the gods thanks to their advanced paranormal abilities such as telephaty and advanced technology which allowed them to travel in space. Their technology was magic for the human race who encountered them. But these visitors practiced ritual magic as well, using symbols and the powerful energy of each symbol. The oldest ritual magic practices were born in Sumer. The contact between the gods and humans was possible due to ritual magic. Magic is based on controlling and focusing the intentions using symbolism. That’s why since Sumerian times up to today, symbolism is a very important part of our lives.

Today we use symbolism even more than ancient civilizations did. Our symbolism is served under the name of the consumer products and their logos. Our life is conditioned by everyday products that we need (or think we need) to buy, get, eat or wear. There isn’t any moment that we forget about them because television and internet commercials, as well as billboards and print advertising, constantly remind us that we have to buy this or that product. Commercials are the best mind control tools which you receive into your world willingly. Before a movie starts in the theather you are shown at least half an hour of commercials and many of the TV channels cut the show every few minutes for ever-lengthening commercial breaks. And you just sit in a comfortable chair that you specially bought for watching television and let yourself to be bombarded by constant symbolism.

It is also impossible to ignore the rising doses of violence, blood and sex of the movies in the last 20 years. Fear based movies are serving a very clear goal: contolling society by feeding us with fear and negative emotions, cleverly disguised as “innocent” entertainment. So it seems that nothing has changed since Sumerian times. Thousands of years ago our ancestors were afraid of the ancient Sumerian gods and were totally controlled, brainwashed by them with the same fear factor.

Stargate… Babylon 5… Alien… Are all these titles, scripts and even movie characters created solely for entertainment purposes? Or is Hollywood disclosing a tiny bit of the hidden truth through this most popular means? In order to understand Hollywood’s relationship with the ancient sky gods, we need to take a look to the geographical location of the famous town. Writer and investigator Bret Lueder brings a very interesting explanation to this in his book, “Song In Your Heart: The Story of the Search for the Lost Note”. According to his findings Hollywood is located over a very important ley line which crosses the state of California. He says: “Curiously, if you extent the ley line that runs through Hollywood to the northeast, it runs directly through not only Hollywood’s Forest Lawn cemetery but also the Disney Studios in Pasadena. Just a coincidence?”

Ley lines are the invisible energy lines that cover our planet and they carry the magnetic energy which links the planet with the universe. Many of the ancient Pagan temples were build over the ley lines. Later these temples were replaced with Christian churches. According to some UFO investigators UFOs fly over these lines following them as they need to be fed by the earth’s natural living energy. That’s why there has been reported a very high number of UFO sightings where there are ley lines in many parts of the world.

Energy lines theory can explain the mystical and magical aura of Hollywood and California in general. As we know California has been the center of the spiritual investigations and metaphysical practices. These topics always had a much larger understanding and acceptance there comparing the other locations. But the term of metaphysical has a very large coverage starting from classical channelling and spirit contact, modern time UFO / ET sightings and to very ancient tradition of occult practices. When we look at California’s metaphysical map we find all of these together. In another amazing book “The Stargate Conspiracy” writers Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince bring a very mind and eye opening explanation to this truth. They say: “Like Paris in 1890s, in the postwar years California was a veritable hotbed of occult beliefs and practices.”

It seems that the natural energy grid of California attracted some enigmatic people such as British born famous black magician and occult practicionar Aleister Crowley and L.Ron Hubbard, the founder of The Church of Scientology. Scientology’s celebrity members and Hollywood contacts are very well known. In fact, there is a very beautiful Scientology temple located on Hollywod Boulevard.

According to Picknett and Prince, it seems that Crowley and Hubbard shared some friendship and common interests in the past. Aleister Crowley was a member of OTO ( Order of the Oriental Templars ), a very well known magical order since 19th century. When Crowley moved to California, his new home became the main center of OTO activity. Aleister Crowley managed to contact two interdimensional beings through his ritual magic practices. He named them Aiwass and Lam. Crowley believed that both of them were Extra Terrestrial beings. Aiwass was from the Sirius Star system. Although Lam’s origin is unknown, based on Crowley’s drawing it is possible to see his resemblance to modern Grey aliens. This has been a rumor for a long time in occult-metaphysical circles. Was Crowley really in contact with Extra Terrestrials? We cannot verify the cosmic identity’s of Aiwass and Lam. But California’s metaphysical, occult and UFO sighting triangle can take us to a very interesting point as Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince mention in their book: “The idea of Crowley’s guides being extraterrestrial rapidly took hold in California. Wilfred T.Smith established an OTO lodge in Pasadena California in 1930. Their temple on Mount Palomar subsequently became the site of the Mount Palomar Observatory which was involved in George Adamski’s controversial ‘classic’ UFO contact story in the 1950s.”

Maybe the new stargate is located in California. Maybe that’s why a modern shopping mall is decorated with Sumerian gods and their symbols. In addition to its fame as the world center of the entertainment industry, Hollywood is infamous for its occult centers, UFO sightings and Alien abductions, satanist celebreties and victims of ritual muders. When they say entertainment, I guess we have to look outside of the movie theaters. Because in real life there is more horror and mystery than in the movies.